Hello, wanderer! My name is Kestrelia_ and I'm a VTuber, VArtist, 3D modeler, and streamer. Welcome to my commissions page!Please click the buttons above to navigate my wares. The buttons below lead to my social media.

Products & Prices

NOTE: Please remember that it is your responsibility to read, understand, and comply by the rules of Kestrelia's Terms of Service. All NDAs and commercial licensing will result in extra fees.Click the buttons below to see product examples, pricing, and special terms. For other types of graphics inquiries, please consult Kestrelia directly via Twitter DMs.

Overlays & Panels

  • Gaming/Chatting Price: $60 USD per screen

  • Starting/Ending/BRB Price: $25 per screen

  • Offline Screen Price: $35 USD

  • Repeat Panel Price: $15 USD per panel

  • Unique Panel Price: $25 USD per panel

  • Note: All graphics must be provided by the client; please commission Kestrelia separately for custom panel drawings.

  • Full Package: 6 screens & 4 repeat panels for $260 USD

  • Animations: None

  • Commercial: License included

Misc. Graphics

  • Weekly Schedule Template Price: $60 USD

  • Monthly Schedule Template Price: $90 USD

  • Twitch/YouTube/Twitter Banners: $35 USD each

  • Subathon List: $30 USD

  • Model Reveals: $30-$50 USD

  • Thumbnails: $15 each (discounts in bulk)

  • Giveaway Ads: $15 USD

  • Other Graphics: Please ask

  • Note: Client will receive an editable PSD. All graphics must be provided by the client.

  • Commercial: License variable (please ask)

Art Share :D

Hai Nophie and fwiens!Started working on this artwork during stream today: